Full Moon Ritual

The full moon is a wonderful time to connect with how far you have come and reconnect with where you are at in your journey.

During the new moon phase, intentions and goals are set out that you wish to manifest in life. This full moon phase allows you to reflect upon what areas of your life need attention. The moon is literally shining it’s light onto things that are no longer needed, are not serving a purpose for you and prompting you to realign with what is needed to change in order to move forward.

A full moon ritual is a magical way to connect with yourself and use the moon energy to focus on where you would like to be. Be thankful for what has already been shown to you but ask the moon to help guide you further and dig deeper within yourself to highlight what needs to change.

Reflect and let go

A journal is a useful tool in helping you to identify and explore this.

Ask yourself questions about where you are in life.

•What opportunities have revealed themselves to you? Did they work for you?

•What people or situations in your life would you leave behind?

•What habits or views of yourself would you change? The self critical voice perhaps or the same repeated patterns that never change situations into positive outcomes.

Writing down on a separate piece of paper what you wish to let go of and then burning the list, is not only cathartic but symbolic of those things you are literally letting go of and removing from your life.

If they do not bring you joy, serve you in a positive way or stop you from moving forward, remove them from your life and begin to let go.


The full moon is a wonderful time to cleanse, remove negative energy and clear the air.

Burning a smudge stick is an ancient practice used by Native Americans and Eastern traditions to cleanse negative energy from people and places. White sage or Palo Santo are my personal preference. By burning a smudge stick it is thought that the smoke purifies the air and area of unwanted, negative energy.

Using the smudge stick alongside a mantra of your intentions, purpose or aspects you would like to remove and ‘smudging’ each corner of the room, keeping windows open to allow the negative energy to flow away, is such a spiritual release. I like to repeat a mantra of letting go of negative energy and allowing positive energy in, I smudge after meditation and journaling so I’m clear in my mind of what I’m aiming to do.

I also cleanse myself to remove any negative energy that may have attached itself to me. My crystals are also cleansed in the smoke before I place them outdoors to be charged by the moon.


Full moon energy is profound, inspiring and vibrant and I like to use this to charge my crystals and also myself.

After cleansing I will place my crystals outside or on a window shelf to allow the moon light to magnify their healing energy and properties. it doesn’t matter if you cannot see the moon, the energy will still be powerful.

Moon bathing is such a wonderful experience, sitting outside and absorbing the power and beauty of a full moon. I find it helps connect me with myself, nature and the energy that is around. I tend to do this after my meditation, cleansing and journaling as a final thank you to the magnificent full moon for helping me realign and find my way.


The practice of meditation is a deep, spiritual and affirming experience. It helps to clear the mind, find peace, connect with the higher self and just be present in that very moment. I meditate daily, but as part of my full moon ritual, I use meditation to help me realign, helping me to focus on what I need to do next. Finding peace within myself helps to clarify what path to tread next.

There are no rules to meditating, no pressure is meant to be felt about if you’re doing it right, it’s about what works for you. Silent practice or calming music playing, using crystals and incense, it’s all about how you feel connected and personal preference. Find what feels good for you.

The full moon is such wonderful time, harnessing its power and energy, working with the ebb and flow can really help you find focus and put things into perspective. The above are suggestions, my ritual that I use, to help guide you but it really is such a personal experience that can be created just for you.

Each full moon phase, I discover that my own experience is more intense and I learn so much more about myself, about my journey and about how truly inspiring the moon is. A magical, natural beauty who deserves respect and thanks for all that she shows us. She is truly something to be grateful for.

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