Mercury Retrograde-Channel that moon magic!

Mercury Retrograde is near.

The retrograde is upon us and is expected around the 18th June and ends around July 12th 2020. This retrograde will be happening in the sign Cancer, which so happens to be my astrological sign.

Cancer is an emotional sign, thinking and feeling deeply. We‘re all about expression and this can be confusing or even intense for those who are not used to showing their feelings and opening up to others. This will affect all of us in some way!

This retrograde will bring out our emotional side on a deeper level and that can be for some of us, difficult to get through. I know for myself I need to retreat within when things feel overwhelming and hide in my shell!

Mercury retrograde is generally associated with communication issues, some people will not sign contracts or make big changes during this time as usually this is when things tend to not sync or problems arise. Issues of this nature will still be experienced, but will be nowhere near as intense as you would expect on your average Mercury retrograde. There is good folded in to this retrograde.

There are ways we can protect ourselves and ease our way through. We should all be working to express ourselves but perhaps only with reason or purpose. This is a time to be mindful and more cautious of how we communicate. Topics and discussions may become misconstrued, lead to disagreement, so it’s important to listen to your gut and think about what you are saying. Let your intuition guide you and trust yourself.

Retrogrades also tend to have bad press, negative almost but I think it can be reframed to how you channel the energy. It can be used as a time for reflection, looking at where you are in life and where you want to head. Using the energy to make positive and thought out changes, small steps and goals to help you move forward.

I for one will be more mindful about what I focus my attention on, set the foundations for what I would like to manifest.

Journaling is a good way to help clarify your intentions. Writing down your thoughts, ideas and tasks, helping to organise yourself before making decisions that could be impacted or may need more fine tuning. It’s always useful to journal your thoughts and use previous notes to reflect back upon and recognise your personal growth.

Another key factor to ride this period out is to include vital self care into your daily routine, even more so than usual. Find time to really focus on you, for example take a bath filled with essential oils and salts, a yoga practice or even as simple as a five minute coffee break (Herbal tea for me!). Make it a priority, carve out a window dedicated to just you. I promise you’ll find harmony to work with this magical energy and notice positive changes!

Keep your focus and be kind to yourself.

Love and Light Always ✨

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