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Welcome to 𝚃𝙷𝙴 𝚆𝙴𝙻𝙻𝙱𝙴𝙸𝙽𝙶 𝚆𝙸𝚃𝙷𝙸𝙽. I am so happy you are here! This space has been created for nurturing, supporting and helping you grow as the amazing soul you already are! 

Here you will find a friendly, warm and holistic 

approach to nurturing your wellbeing, which can be bespoke to your individual needs. Services include Yoga, Reiki Healing, Crystal Therapy, Meditation, Mindfulness and Coaching.

I offer a realistic and accessible approach to teaching and supporting you, aiming to help you find a moment of calm, build strength and build confidence from within. If you wish to evolve your existing practice or are taking the first steps on your journey, I am here for every phase!



Hello there,

It’s so lovely to see you here!

I’m Tracey, a Yoga teacher and Holistic Therapist from London. I have been passionate about people and supporting others for as long as I can remember. There is magic within all of us, a unique and individual beauty that we all have,  but for many reasons, becomes lost or distorted from who we really are. This is true for me also, having found myself disconnected from who I was, juggling many plates from being a mother, my job, my relationships and all manner of challenges that life brings our way. My mental health suffered, my life felt chaotic and my energy levels were non existent. After some truly significant moments in my life, and having struggled with anxiety from childhood, I knew that a shift needed to happen, especially with how I approached things and my own self worth. 

​This turning point led me to train in teaching Yoga, a complete change from my career in educating and working with children! I have practiced Yoga for many years and for me, my personal practice has been my saviour and anchor when I’ve needed it most. I love the strength and peace it can bring and wanted to share that with others. 

It’s been a real adventure so far, this path has led me to work with and meet some amazing souls. It has also given me the opportunity to work in an area I love, something I will always be grateful for. I believe it’s never too late to create the life you want and throughout my own journey I have also trained as a Holistic Counsellor, Reiki and Crystal Healing Therapist, as well as a Meditation and Mindfulness Coach. There’s always something new to learn and I have many more things planned for the future!

My aim in creating The Wellbeing Within was born out of a desire to support others in navigating their way through the velocity of modern living. To find peace and space in themselves through an immersive and holistic approach, developing skills to heal, find balance and support individual well-being and mental health. My hope is that in working with me, you will build life long tools that are sustainable, that will strengthen self worth and belief and ultimately help you to reconnect with who you are. It is my honour to be a part of your journey. 

I am so grateful to share this with you and am

so happy to meet you​ all. 

Much love 

Tracey xx





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